Monday, October 5, 2009

Film Noir Always Makes a Comeback

I've been resisting from checking out the Spring Ready to Wear Collections because we're just getting into fall and I don't want to start thinking about the future season, but honestly it's really hard especially when there are stories in the paper about the collections on an every day basis. Yesterday I watched the Christian Dior Spring 2010 collection and I became highly enamored with it not only because John Galliano makes beautiful clothing, but because his inspiration was one of my favorite things ever: FILM NOIR. The show was a total production with fog, crazy sounds, shadows, mystery and bombshell ladies that could have been taken straight out of a Hitchcock or Wilde film.

There was a lot of lace, sheerness, and silk in this collection. Very reminiscent of what the beautiful film noir actresses wore in all my favorite films.

John Galliano as Humphrey Bogart...

I also did a little bit of shopping over the weekend. I swear, this is the last purchase I will make because I am trying to save up for the future. I could not resist these Chanel shoes, I especially fell in love with the heel! I doubt they are original since I only paid $20 for them, but frankly I don't give a rat's ass because they look damn fine on my pretty feet.

I've been looking for a cute bag with fringes and most of the ones that I've seen are made out of cheap looking suede material and are gigantic. This vintage one is just the perfect size, texture and the gold braid detail is a bonus. I'll get a lot of wear out of this one I am sure.

Check out my new nail design, I did it myself. The purple nail polish is OPI and I wish I knew what it's called because it's my favorite and I always take some from my friend Savvy when I visit her at home.

Before I forget, the Balmain S 2010 RTW is also a dream! In a nutshell the looks are totally: rock and roll, packed with sparkles, shredding and lots of body hugging action that I can totally picture Kate Moss wearing. I gotta write about that one soon.

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Humphrey Bogart photo: Warner Brothers

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  1. those shoes are so cute...cuter even if they are fake ;)

    i wanna be a film noir heroine! john galliano is the shit