Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's Not the House, It's Me

I guess you can say I am pretentious when it comes to film. Well, I am pretentious about music as well, but that's another story. I don't watch a film just because it's on and I don't watch films that are #1 at the box office such as those by Michael Bay or Saw I-6. I'm not into crazy special effects or super hero films either.

I haven't watched any of the Transformers or Spiderman films and I don't really want to. Well, I did watch the Dark Knight but I'm pretty sure it was because Heath Ledger is in it and I think he was a good actor. Btw, I thought the film was horrid.

I will never watch a chick flick either. Films with such titles as The Devil Wears Prada and Sleepless in Seattle, actually any film with Meg Ryan is a turn off. You're probably thinking that I am a hater and in many ways I'm not, but when it comes to film I'm certainly one.

Honestly, I don't like to spend precious time watching a film that is a complete waste of time to me. I'd rather draw a picture or flip through old issues of Harper's Bazaar.

I'm not a fan of "scary" films either, snooze. Sincerely, there are just a few things that scare me and monsters is not one of them. There are two films though that have definitely given me the chills and they are The Others and The Blair Witch Project.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Others because of the way it looks and because it's a time piece. I'm a sucker for anything old looking so for that fact alone I was intrigued to watch it. The fact that the children saw ghosts, but their mother (Nicole Kidman) did not was also spooky because there is that saying that kids never lie! The large mansion where they lived also had an eerie and dark element to it and if I was a child I would feel uneasy about living there for sure. The thick fog that accumulated outside of their property is also a bit bloodcurdling!

The Blair Witch Project was also a bit unsettling because of the way it looks. This has to do with the fact that it was shot to appear like a documentary and also because it looked very minimal it was definitely scary. From the beginning when the lettering appears saying that the footage you're about to watch was found, but the people who shot it was not, you start to feel a bit confused and unnerving. I remember thinking about all the news stories I'd heard over the years of hikers and campers gone missing and never found. I related that to what I was watching and it became very scary. Because it looked so real you believe that it is for an hour or two, however long the film was and you really start feeling for the actors and all the frightening and mysterious things that are suddenly happening to them. So when I heard about the film Paranormal Activity I knew I wanted to watch it because of the way it looked.

Luckily I was not disappointed. Paranormal Activity was very creepy and I don't even believe in ghosts! The film is basically about a man who purchases a camera because he wants to record all the happenings that his girlfriend claims that she has been experiencing ever since she was eight years old. Throughout the film he follows her all over their house with the camera and even sets it up in their bedroom and when 2:30 am or so hits strange and spine-chilling things start happening. The fun really starts to unravel when the idiot boyfriend buys a Ouija Board.

The film can drag a bit, but I kinda liked that because it made it a lot more real. It would have been too forced if they only showed the juicy parts! As you watch it you also start to feel sorry for the girl because the "demons" won't leave her alone and her boyfriend is a total jerk for instigating them.

I'll stop now because I don't want to give it all away, but all I can say is that I was spooked while watching this! Oh and in case you are wondering, the films that I do care to watch anytime are film noir and foreign films such as those made in Mexico and Korea, Tartan films wutttttt!

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