Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pretty Halloween

My Little Pony, the cutest, sweetest toy aside from the tiny Polly Pockets that have probably been discontinued because little children have swallowed too many of them. I love these little magical horse figures, their colorful bodies, cool body art, giant glittery eyes, and long hair! I loved brushing their manes and styling it into different hairdos such as braids and pony tails. The coolest ones have the rainbow hair and wings in my opinion.

So what to dress up as this Halloween? In the past I've been a Christmas tree (won an award for that at my middle school), a palm tree (monkeys and coconuts hanging from the branches included), Morticia, the devil, a ratty haired witch, Lucille Ball, Betsey Johnson and even the most loved character of cholas: Tweety Bird. I have two ideas that I dare not post on this blog because they are just too original and maybe next year I will execute them, but this year I've decided to be My Little Pony for Halloween.

The idea came to me last week at the Folsom Street Fair (leather fetish, gay, outdoor party in SF) where I saw a young man dressed up as a unicorn. I really want to wear glittery wings and unicorns don't have wings, so My Little Pony is the better choice. I've purchased a pink and lavender boa that I will use as a tail, a pair of children's small pink sparkly wings, a purple long wig and all I need is a cute little dress and tights in a pretty shade of pink to complete this ensemble. I've got plenty of bright glittery makeup so I'm good with that and all I need to do is construct a pair of pony ears. This Halloween is going to kick ass and I don't even know what I'm doing to celebrate!


  1. oh i just love halloween - even though it isn't celebrated too much in the uk!

  2. awww!! how sad!!! halloween is the best! do you still dress up?